Flinders Pier – Sunday 2nd December 2018

Divers: Geri, Ian, Issy, Harry, Tyler, Cam, Shamus, Lauren & Andrew

After a successful day in the pool we were excited to get into the open water for the first time. We were hopeful, but not optimistic about conditions at Rye but we thought we would try our luck there first. One look at the water surface at Rye and we agreed to drive across to Flinders Pier – which never disappoints.

The water was calm and we had about 10m of viz. The group worked through their skills in their buddy teams with plenty of gas and bottom time left to explore the dive site. The weedy sea dragons that Flinders Pier is famous for were in fine form, and a real treat to see.

We reflected on a busy but successful weekend, and the team are looking forward to more diving next weekend.


Flinders Pier