Popes Eye & The Grotto - Saturday 8th December 2018

Popes Eye & The Grotto – Saturday 8th December 2018

Divers: Pete, Elisa, Christian, Ian, Myles, Michael, Seamus, Cameron, Issy, Harry, Lauren & Mark

The carpark was filling up early, with such great dive conditions every one was out for a dive. The tide was ebbing so we were able to dive the south side of Popes Eye, there were plenty of fish to see, Incised Gurnard Perch, Blue Throated Wrasse and of course our old favourite the Scalyfin. The viz was 8-10 metres and the water temperature was 16 degrees. This was a nice easy, relaxing dive that set us up for the Slack Water dive.
The Grotto is always a great dive for newer divers as it is a real teaser for what is come as divers gain more experience. We had plenty of overhangs and swim throughs, we even had a large Southern Stingray swim near us for some time.