H C Piggot – Saturday 5th November 2011

Divers: Dave, Brenden, Peter & Mark

The excellent conditions continue to allow some of the best diving we’ve had for months. The sun was sunning, the seas were flat and the turquoise blue water was glistering in the prop wash. The Piggot is one of the only graveyard wrecks with the prop still on it, so we checked that out first and then swam to the bow which I could just about see from mid ships, the viz was about 25-30metres. There is still a lot to see on the Piggot, although the ship is 160 foot long we still have time to swim to the bow and back again but we don’t have time to take in everything there is to see – but that’s Ok because we are very keen to get back to do another dive.  I buddied with Pete and we decided to come up the shot line, even at the end of the 30 minute ascent I could still see Brenden & Dave who had not drifted away at all so not only did we have great conditions but no current either.