J1 Sub – Sunday 6th November 2011

Divers: Push, Youri, Dave, Gary, Yong, Trevor, Matt, Aids & Mark

The great dive conditions continue, we had 30 metres viz and flat seas, we could see the sub from about 15 metres on our way down the shot line and with very little current this is going to be a fantastic dive!!. The shot was well placed half way between the conning tower and the stern. By the time we complete our skills, which we do off to one side, we only have a few minutes left to swim around the stern and the back to the shotline. This is nowhere enough time to really enjoy what this  dive has to offer as the J1 still has its rudder in place and unlike the J4 the stern in not buried in the sand, but
stands about 3 metres of the bottom, in fact you can still swim under the stern of the J1, if fact you can swim between the rudder and the prop shaft stays. This is a great dive and we’ll be back to see the rest of the boat very soon!!