Party Point – Saturday 5th November 2011

Visibility: Absolutely fantastic!!! 20m +           Water Temperature: 16 Degrees

Divers: Deon, Stuart, Robert, David, Stewart, Peter, Mark, Puspendu, Youri, Mark, Ian, Mark,  Brenton, Mick, Tom, Kristy, Halil, Barb, Vikki

After such a great boat dive 2 weeks ago on the Eliza Ramsden, I didn’t think that the conditions could get much better than that…but last Saturday they did. Stepping off the back of Sea Dragon, we made our way to the buoy. Looking down into the water we could clearly see the sea bed laying some 15m below .Gently descending, we had timed the dive perfectly for slack water. The wall was beautiful with Blue Devils, Leatherjackets, Old Wives, and Wrasse making their home in the overhangs and crevasses. A Fiddler Ray was also spotted by Mark & Ian. The sponges and soft corals were also quite spectacular. This dive had something for everyone. Those wanting to take photos had great subject material, those wanting to do a bit of exploring had plenty of ledges and swim- thru’s, and those wanting to get a bit of depth just had to drop over the wall! Another fabulous dive.


Thanks to Stuart for the photos