J4 Sub & Devils Drop Off - Saturday 25th January 2020

J4 Sub & Devils Drop Off – Saturday 25th January 2020

Divers:  Christian, Foti, Jim, Greg, Gary, Ben & Mark

The swell was rolling in at about a metre 7& a half, but we could tell by the fact that they were quite a distance apart that the surge would be very manageable in side the sub. So, my team agreed would enter the sub at the break and then swim the full length inside the sub to the crew quarters where will then exit through the very rear hatch having squeezed through the bulk head opening. Our plan goes as expected, we are now at the stern and swim back along the sub to our ascent point.
Out second dive was Devils Drop Off, conditions are perfect, the viz is about 20m and the water temperature is 16 degrees. we drop off over the wall and gently drifting with the last of the ebb tide we come across some amazing terrain. Devils Drop Off has to one of the best parts of the wall to dive, it never disappoints with impressing the divers.