J4 Sub – Saturday 27th January 2023

Divers: Chris K, Calvin, Pete, Seb & Mark

With our trip to King Island cancelled due to weather, making last minute arrangements to get in a boat dive this weekend left us with only the one suitable site to dive, but of course, the J4 is a great Plan B. The water temp is still at 19 degrees & the viz was about 15-20m. There was a bit of surge, but nothing to affect our dive. We were the first team in the water & when we get to the bottom, the wreck is not in sight, so Seb picks up the shot line, tucks it under his arm & off we swim to find the sub. Fortunately, the sub wasn’t too hard to find & we are able to drop the shot on the wreck allowing the others to find and dive the sub.
The periscope sleeve is now uncovered & easy to see, and by the time we swim the length of the sub & check out the periscope sleeve, it is then time to go. So we shoot our SMBs from the top of the sub & start our ascent.