Rye Pier – Saturday 4th February 2023

Divers: Andrew, Liam, Wayne & Mark

It’s hard to believe this is February, it’s cold, raining & worst of all very windy. Fortunately for todays dives the strong winds wont impact us as they are southerly’s & we are in the lee, however, tomorrows boat dive outside the Heads will definitely be cancelled. The rain stopped just I drove into the carpark, at least I had some thing on my side, and another thing, being the only divers in the carpark there is plenty of parking available to us. Although there is a bit of surface slop, the conditions under the water are fantastic. The water temp is 18 degrees, the viz is about 7-9 meters and there is not one other person in the water with us :). There is plenty of fish life about and after we spend some time under the pier we decide to finish off on the Eivion, always a great way to finish a dive.