J4 Sub – Saturday 6th June 2015

Divers: Andrew, Nick, Spike, Pete, Ben, Youri, Vinnie, Dave, & Mark

Even though we had some surge, we had a fantastic dive on the J4. Surge is easy to dive in if you just use it to help you move & don’t try to fight it. We started at the bow, at the torpedo tubes, then we swim up & over to the conning tower. Looking into ever little opening gives us a great insight in to the mechanical operations of the sub. We can see the pipe work that runs on the outer side of the pressure hull and is covered by the outer casing. Although it usually takes only takes 15 minutes to swim the length of the sub after 30 minutes we have only just made it to the stern – but we have done a great job of covering every square inch of the deck of the sub.