John Nimmo – Sunday 20th August 2017

Divers: Jason, Tim, Chris, Ben, Youri, Des, Spike & Mark

The John Nimmo is possible the wreck that is in the best condition of all the Graveyard wrecks. The John Nimmo was built by Forman & Co in Footscray, Victoria, in 1887, she was 228 ft long. As a steam dredge she had been used for the original dredging of the Channels after several mail steamers had grounded.
Standing about 4-5 metres off the bottom there is plenty of super structure to explore, the shot line was right at the props, so we start here and then swim up & over the gunwales, making our way forward we swim past the boilers, there is a team of divers exploring this area, we keep moving forward. At 67metres our bottom time soon runs out, however we did manage to get to the bow, so albeit swimming continually we did cover the full length of the wreck and it will be our turn to explore the engine room next dive.