Kanowna & Queensland - Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2022

Kanowna & Queensland – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2022

Divers: Liam, John, Aaron, Bill, Chris P, Tim, Paul, Chris E, Karl, Robert, Ben, Youri & Mark

Surface crew: Calvin & Bill

Once or twice a year, Aquability hosts local & interstate technical divers to dive on some of the best shipwrecks that Australia offers. It takes a lot of luck to plan a weekend down at Wilsons Promontory 6 months in advance and have the weather perfect on the day, fortunately for us, we had plenty of luck. Assembling on Friday night we had an evening meal & a few drinks together as a way of getting to know each other. We had an early start Saturday morning & a long boat ride ahead of us, apart from stopping for a few minutes to watch the whale, it was pretty much straight out & into it. Kanowna, considered by many to be the best wreck dive in Australia was our first target, located in 2005 by Southern Ocean Exploration this is always a favourite dive. Its sheer size & the number of rooms & swim-through areas mean a diver can spend quite some time on this site and still not see it all. Day two saw us diving the Queensland, another wreck found by Southern Ocean Exploration, conditions were perfect once again & with a couple of dozen seals hanging around the shot line, the dive was off to a good start. The Queensland is always a great dive, although sometimes the current can run quite strong, Chris & I went in last & by the time we entered the water it was just about on slack water. We only had enough time to dive the stern of the ship, there is just too much to see on this dive to try to cover any more.


Page from a magazine, from 1929, found in one of the holds. – photo by Karl Grady