Lonsdale Wall – Sunday 1st March 2015

Divers:   George, Steve, Guillian & Mark

Our J5 Sub dive was cancelled because of the swell & our only real option to dive was a Deep Drift dive on Lonsdale Wall. I’ve written before in our blog about the fact that Lonsdale Wall, was once upon a time, was just called Lonsdale Wall, now a day ever 5 metres of wall has a name, however, our dive, was the ‘entire’ wall!!. With the tide flooding we were able to enter the water very close to the Heads, some where South of Anchor Wall, by the time we surfaced we were North of Boarfish reef – that is the entire Wall. It was a great dive, some thing very different to want would normally be done these days. The guys were really impressed with the dive, calling it character building. However the absolute hight light of todays diving was our second dive, which was a Slack Water dive on the Wall (The Grotto). We entered the water just prior to Slack Water and had a slight current drifting us North. Once the tide stopped we explored the immediate are where we were. First off we find a small boats anchor, it seems the skipper had waited just a little bit too long to weigh anchor and then could not pull it up against the current. Then we come across a Cuttlefish under a ledge, I tried to coax him out but to no avail. Although after a few minutes he does come out to join us. Not that finding a small Cuttlefish is what made the dive, we often find Cuttlefish, what made this such a great dive for me is that the Cuttlefish took a liking to Guillian, and in fact pursued him with some vigour!!  I could not believe that it was someone else & not me being attacked by the wild life. Perhaps Cuttlefish are my friend & I only need to worry about the local thugs – Seals.