The Grotto : Saturday 28 February 2015

Divers: Matt, Chris, Youri, Geoff, Evie, Martin, Ian, Christian, Spencer, Mick, June, Bruce, Mark, Vikki.

We dived this site two weeks ago and had such a great dive that we thought that it was worth diving this site again this week. The water conditions were ideal and the viz was 20 metres plus. As soon as we entered the water and looked below the surface we could see the seascape of the sea bed below us. Armed with torches we began exploring the many ledges and crevices, finding crays and blue devils, a fiddler ray, large sting ray ( a really large sting ray!), cuttlefish, 2 cat sharks and an array of macro critters such as sea spiders. We swam through some great swim throughs and weaved our way through the bommies. Even our safety stop was interesting as we rose to the surface amongst the jelly fish that have frequented the water lately. Again on our way back to Portsea, the boat was abuzz with excitement of the fabulous dive that we had just enjoyed, and the decision on where we were going to eat lunch was debated. A great day!!