Mornington Pier – 30th March 2014

Divers: Brendan & Mark

With fog on the road as I drove down to the pier, my first thought was the boys on the Graveyard dive will be having a cracker dive today. But our pier dive was great too, there were a couple of teams in prior to us and few more just turning up as we entered the water. First off we complete our buoyancy check, then we swim to the decent point (just past the fishing boats) with the wave breakers now in place this makes for a nice swim through under the pier, its dark but nice. After a short swim under the pier we then come out on the outside of the pier, where we are going to spend a 1/2 an hour or so doing drills and then it will off for a short swim up & back along the pier. The fish life is really abundant around the pier now, I not sure if this has anything to do with the construction works being done or not, but certainly as we were getting changed the other divers were all talking about how good the dive was.