Mornington Pier – Sunday 24th October 2021

Divers: Seb, Josh, James, Nathan, Ben,Youri, Tran & Mark

With Metro & Rural still another week away from opening up & therefore no boat dives allowed, it was back to Mornington for another shore dive. I think there is a small possibility the we will be able to boat next weekend – so fingers crossed. The amount of diver groups at Mornington is starting to increase with the lifting of the travel ban, which is great to see. Conditions still remain really good, with the viz about 6-8 metres, the water temperature in not rising just yet & is still constant at 14 degrees. Of course with the protection of the jetty wall, even with a bit of swell on the outside of the pier, the inside was nice and calm. There are still a lot of very large fish hanging around which is great & the 11 Arm Seastars are out in force, far out numbering the Northern Pacific Seastar pest. Plenty of small Rays about as well.

We are living in a very ‘fluid’ environment at the moment, making it difficult to make arrangements with any certainty. However, if you think you may want to dive over Cup weekend, please get in contact with the shop to find out the latest update on what we are diving.