Rye Pier – Sunday 5th March 2023

Divers: Brit, Anton, Naja, Francis, Mal, Barbra, Calvin and Mark.

There were not very many teams of divers at Rye today, which was surprising because the conditions could not have better. Walking down the jetty the first thing I see is a large Smooth Back Ray in only one metre of crystal clear water, with oily flat water & no crowds, I thought how good is this :). The viz at the end of the jetty was not as good as we first thought it was going to be but at about 8-10 metres it was still pretty good. There were schools of juvenile fish, which is a great sign for the future of Rye Pier. I did feel for the fishermen, although I don’t like fishing, I could see that all of the fish were under the pier & because all fishermen cast out as far as they can, they were never going to catch a fish 🙂