North Wall Corner – Sunday 12th January

Divers: Ben, Daniel, Simon, Ian, Marty  & Mark


We surfaced at the end of dive, ‘that was nice’ I said to the boys trying to make out that that’s what the water is always like. The were impressed, they loved Portsea Hole last time we dived, but the dive we had just finished really had them impressed. However, I think they clicked on that our wall dive was something special when we got back to the jetty & people were asking had we been on the Wall dive and was it as good as the buzz around the place was saying it was. The conditions we had were as good as any I’ve ever had in the tropics, I could not only see, but identify ever diver on the bottom as I put my head under the water to look for the shot line. I guess if o dive enough you will get to experience conditions like these.