Popes Eye & Cottage by the Sea - Sunday 10th February 2019

Popes Eye & Cottage by the Sea – Sunday 10th February 2019

Divers: Marcos, Chenxu, Ash, Jyoti, Bec, Kieran, Chris & Mark

We were booked to dive on the Saturday, but the seas had other ideas. We all meet at Portsea Pier at 7.00am as agreed, but one look at the water and it was clear we were not diving today. A quick call to Nick at DV and the wheels were put into motion to try for a re run on Sunday ( I’m sure he cringes every time my name comes up on his phone). Mobile phones ran hot as we had breakfast, birthday celebrations, lunch plans and work commitments all had to be changed so as we could finish together as a group. We had started this journey as a team seven days ago when we went to the pool. It would be a shame not finish together, and the team were doing all they could to make sure no one was going to be left behind.
Sunday morning – deja vu –  the seas weren’t anywhere near as angry today. Although we knew we weren’t getting any great dive conditions today, our dive at Pope’s Eye was really good, plenty of fish life, 19 degree water and 15m viz. We end the dive on a real high, we were diving in safe conditions, the team were all together and everyone was doing really well on the skills. The decision not to dive yesterday, was really paying off.
Cottage by the Sea was challenging, the viz was down to about 4 metres and we had moved away from the reef in search of some depth to further enhance our experience. So, we didn’t get to see much, but we did learn a lot.
Melbourne divers have always been considered amongst the best in the world, this is because of the tough conditions we learn in. I’m happy to say that this crew are as as good as any and with out a doubt will hold their own in the water in dives to come.




Bec & Kieran