Rye Pier – Saturday 22nd January 2022

Divers: Calvin, Chris, Sean, Pia, Mick & Mark

With the weather forecast to be in the low 30s it was always going to be a busy day at Rye, although there were not as many divers as I thought there would be, it was still packed – especially the car park. The water temperature was 20 degrees & the viz was about 8-10 metres when we first jumped in however it improved quite bit by the time we got out. The entry/exit ramp is proving very popular with the young kids jumping off the pier. Hopefully the crowds will quieten down with the return to school soon.
We did several dives working on our skills & the final dive saw Calvin, Chris & Sean swim out to Elsa’s Garden.  Our day ended with a debrief over a well deserved Gelato ice cream.