J4 Sub & Canberra - Sunday 23rd January 2022

J4 Sub & Canberra – Sunday 23rd January 2022

Divers: Calvin, Chris, Sean, Steve, Ben, Youri, Simon, Leo, Josh, Chris P, Seb, Nathan & Mark

Another rippa day out on the water, early starts mean always getting an easy car park – which is what we like. It also means we get to finish diving early enough for lunch which is also what we like :). We dives the J4 first & the boys with their scooters had a blast swimming through the sub, my team stuck to the outside of the wreck spending most of our planned bottom time around the bow & conning tower. We did manage to get to the stern just in time to ascend.
The perfect conditions continued on the Canberra, although there was a thermocline at 24m, it was still very comfortable. Of course swimming the entire length of the site in one dive means not really seeing anything well, so we agin we stuck to the bow, ending our dive at the masts.