Rye Pier – Sunday 11th February 2018

Divers:  Sean, Camila, Shaun, Kerry, Neil & Mark

We were all very excited about our dive at Rye, the weather forecast was great and we had planned an early start so parking was not going to be a problem. We did two dives, the water temperature was 21 degrees, the viz wasn’t as good as we had hoped for but at about 5-6 metres is was still enjoyable. The Bull Ray was having a day in the shallows and although we could see him each time we walked down the pier, he refused to come and swim with us in the deeper water. The fish life was plentiful, Rye is really buzzing underwater at the moment, there is so much to see. We have some boat dives booked for Saturday and i for one can’t wait!!   


Camila & Kerry