Sth Channel Fort - Saturday 17th February 2018

Sth Channel Fort – Saturday 17th February 2018

Divers:  Sean, Camila, Shaun, Kerry, Neil, Andrew & Mark

Things could not have run smoother as we all prepared for our boat dives, the weather was fantastic, 25 degrees, sunny and not a breath of wind. Sth Channel Fort was to be our first dive, the conditions were great with oily flat water & the water temperature was 20 degrees, although with the ebb tide the viz was down to about 6-7 metres it was still good. The last few dives I have done here I have found a Cuttlefish (today we found two), the fish life is plentiful, and friendly, as we swim through the pylons the fish are swimming amongst us. The dive is so good we decide to stay here for a second dive. The second dive is just as good as the first and with the experience of the fist dive under our belts this dive seems to be so much easier, it seems we have come such a long way in just one day!