Rye Pier – Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Divers:   Lyn, Hong & Mark

Even mid week, in these conditions the dive site is crowded, it could not have been better, no wind, blue skies, 23 degrees above water & 21 degrees below – perfect. We kit up in the car park and walk to the Low Water for our Giant Stride, having already set our flag in the water. It was good to see the other dive groups set their flags on the side ‘opposite’ the Low Water too, so often I see instructors leaving dive flags at the Low Water, which is specifically built for boats to access the pier. The viz is about 10 metres & with the tide flooding we have a very slight current. I’m amazed at the amount of fish here, every where we look the are schools of fish, we even have a school of juvenile squid hanging about. In all we do two dives, and still don’t get to the end of the pier, there is just too much to see. If these conditions continue into the long week end (which I think it just might) then we’re in for a great few days of diving!