SS Alert – 6th October 2013

Divers:  Youri, Chris, Paul & Mark

Even Day Light Savings wasn’t going to stop the guys doing this dive!! We expected some one to be late but everyone was eager to be on time for this one. The swell was still running at about 1-1.5 metres, but overall the conditions were quite good. We spent a bit of time checking & rechecking the shotline because this site is hard to hit. Unfortunately the vi z was down to about 4-5metres at best and the lack of natural light made it even darker, combined with a strong current, it was a bit of a tough dive. There are several bottles scattered around the ship and a few portholes on the seabed beside the stern. There is plenty to see on the dive and our 25 minute bottom time doesn’t allow us to spend the time we need to really have a good look around. So there will still be plenty for us to find on our next trip out which hopefully won’t too far away. We had plenty of aquatic life to keep us company on our 90 minutes of decompression, Dolphins, seals and even a Bird at 6 metres!!