Devil’s Dropoff – 12th October 2013

Divers:  Vikki, Mark, Julie, Spencer, Peter, Dylan, Andrew, Jye, Nicole, Jamie, Richard, David, Max & Mark

Our plan was to dive Foggy Reef, but the conditions were more suited to Devils Droppoff so we thought it would be better to change the site. I do like Devils Droppoff, it has something for everyone. The deep divers can get to what ever depth they like the shot is always in about 13-16metres of water so it’s great for the Open Water diver as well and there is plenty to see. I buddied with Julie and our plan was to drop to 38 metres and then make our way back up the wall, drifting with the current. There were some awesome ledges that we came across, over hangs and caves and plenty of ‘Devils’ hiding under them. The tide was turning to an Ebb so we had just the tail end of a Flood and this brought the 20 metre viz with it. Although the south/westerly made the boat ride over to the wall a little lumpy, once were in the lee the conditions were quite good.