Wareatea – Sunday 20th September 2015

Divers:  Youri, Matt, Leo, Spike, George, Warren, Roger, Tim  & Mark

A long, long ride out to site was eased by the fact that we had sunshine & dolphins for the best part of the trip. Once at the site the deep blue water looked inviting. As team after team entered the water, finally it was our turn. Looking down the shot line from the surface, I could see it down to at least to 35-40 metres. If I had had my camera I think I would stayed at 30m and just videoed the entire wreck from there. The Wareatea is 170 foot long and I could see both ends of the ship from where I was at 30m deep!! The viz has been very ordinary this past winter, not at all what we have come to expect from Melbourne diving conditions, but the last couple of weeks have been amazing. I’m hoping this is the start of things to come for summer.