Blairgowrie Pier - Sunday 4th February 2024

Blairgowrie Pier – Sunday 4th February 2024

Divers: Sean, Tyler and James

We had an awesome dive on Sunday at Blairgowrie Pier. Conditions were perfect which meant the site was packed with recreational divers. This made finding a parking spot difficult, but well worth the effort. Under the water was fantastic.  We swam at a leisurely pace and were under the water for well over an hour. Water temperature was 22 degrees. An amazing quantity and diversity of wildlife was under their pier. There were so many Smooth Back bull rays under and around the pier that they were literally bumping into each other.  We spotted several Barracuda enjoying the warm bay water as well as huge schools of juvenile  Leather Jackets and plenty of other fish species.  A great dive that made the hot trek to and from the pier well worth our while.