Coogee – 12th November 2011

Divers: Push, Youri, Keith Louise, Pete, Brenden, Daz, Scott,Carlos, Chris & Mark

As I put my head under the water to look to see which way the shot line was laying I noticed that I could in fact, see the outline of the wreck from the surface. Which meant we were in for another weekend of good visibility, in fact from the bow of the Coogee I could see the divers aft of the boilers. Not only was the viz incredibly but also the crayfish were impressive as well, I counted 6 crays, the one under the bow was the size of small dog!! Although it was as if they knew the opening of the cray season was still a week away because not too many of them even tried to hide as swam past. With the warmer weather coming on the boats are starting to fill up so make sure you book early if you want to take advantage of these excellent diving conditions.