Mornington Pier – 13th October 2013

Divers:  Josh, Rodney, Mick, Sherryn & Mark

The rain had stopped just long enough for us to get changed with getting too wet and the sun almost came out. By the time we got into the water, at about 11.00am 3 lots of divers had already finished their dive and were getting dressed. The general consensus was that dive was well worth the effort of getting dressed in the wind, the photographers had had a great dive and were raving about the conditions, as soon as we descended we were meet by a giant stingray and swimming out to the old half of the pier, past the fishermen, we see lots of schools of fish and we even have an octopus stay with us for the entire 90 minutes of our dive, he was in a hole in a discarded timber beam, sticking his head up ever couple of minutes to watch us do our drills. With the work on the pier being put on hold it seems the fish life are really starting to return to Mornington, so it really is a great time to be diving the pier at the moment.