Flinders Jetty – Saturday 30th April 2022

Divers: Calvin & Mark

Considering the down pour of rain last night, conditions at Flinders were close to perfect. The water was very flat and very clear, the water temperature was 14 degrees & the viz a good 6-8 metres. All boat diving had been cancelled this weekend due to strong winds. There were several Open Water courses being run & a few different lots of spearos, most with a nice catch of fish. There was a definite buzz about, from the divers coming out of the water, several very large Smooth Back rays and Weedy Sea Dragons certainly added to the excitement. It was definitely worth the effort of getting out of bed to drive down to Flinders to do this dive, the warmish weather wont be with us for much longer and we need to make the most of what we have, while we have it.