Portsea Hole & Popes Eye - Sunday 16th October 2022

Portsea Hole & Popes Eye – Sunday 16th October 2022

Divers: Myles, Michael, Calvin, Bas, James, Idun, Seb, Nath, Tim & Mark

with our dives on Saturday being cancelled, this meant when our Sunday dives were running we were extra excited to be getting out. Portsea was a buzz this morning when I arrived at 6.30am, with carparks filling up even at that time. The dive conditions were good, with very flat seas & the sun was out & shining. No signs of flooding down here. Our dive plan was to drop to the bottom of the hole & then work our way up to the reef, spend 10 minutes or so there & then complete the ascent. With strong tides at the moment, the slack was very short, however, we still managed our dive plan OK & really enjoyed the dive. Popes Eye was all about SMB practice, & by the time we all get a couple of tries at it, its now also time to go 🙂