Rye Scallop Drift - Sunday 6th December 2015

Rye Scallop Drift – Sunday 6th December 2015

Divers:   Carol and Bert.

Late Sunday morning the bay was as flat as a mill pond, we decided we would try our hand at a scallop drift for our 2nd dive. John provided a scallop drift rig with float, catch bag and lift bag, this made managing a heavy bag of scallops easy underwater. The scallops were plentiful and easy to spot at a depth of 15 metres, during the 40 min bottom time we managed to collect our bag limit of 100 scallops each. The seabed was sand with patches of seagrass, we also came across a few rays and spider crabs. Doing the safety stop with the float and lift bag meant we didn’t have to struggle with overweight catch bags. The scallops were sweet and tender and appreciated by non-diving seafood lovers.
A great days diving, the only thing missing was the Killer Whales recently sighted in the bay.