The Hurricane – Sunday 6th December 2015

Great Victorian Fish Count with Victorian Sub Aqua Group (VSAG)

Divers:   Carol, John and Bert.

Sunday morning 3 VSAG boats and 7 divers headed out of Rye to the Hurricane ship wreck for the Great Victorian Fish Count. The weather was good with a predicted 30 deg and the bay was flat. Following a briefing on the Fish Count process, dive brief and buddy checks we descended down the anchor line on a flood tide. Reaching the wreck at 12 metres the viz was 5 metres with a slight current. The fish count was easy with too many to count for most species. We encountered rays, seahorses, schnapper, old wives, banded morwongs, Scalyfin, sweep, leatherjackets, wrasse, zebra fish and many more. While the aim was to count the fish, the hurricane is an interesting wreck and we will return to focus on exploring the wreck in the near future. After a 40 min bottom time of great scenery it was time to return to the anchor line and ascend to 5 metres for our safety stop before returning to the surface. At the surface we were treated to a Pod of 12 dolphins metres from the boat.