Wareatea – Saturday 2nd May 2015

Divers:  Ben, Andrew, Nick, Youri, Leo, Matt, Spike  & Mark

A cargo passenger ship built in 1883, she ran the Launceston –  King Island – Melbourne route for over 40 years. With the boat departure time of 6.30am the dive was always going to be lacking ambient light. At about 35 metres it started to get dark, by 43 metres it was dark. The water temperature has dropped another degree so most divers are starting to wear gloves which makes all the difference on these longer dives. I think the Wareatea is possible the best 45 metreish dive we have (the Euro is my favourite) as it has so much to offer. At 500 tons it’s large enough that you may not see the entire ship in one dive, it has lots of interesting bits and pieces to look at, glass panel, brass fittings pipe work etc. Even the scooter boys took their hand off the trigger for a poke around.