HC Piggott & J4 Sub – 27th October 2013

Divers:  Josh, Rodney, Mick, Pete & Mark

Fortunately the wind dropped off just enough to allow us to get our ‘outside ‘ dives in. Although conditions were not perfect, the surge was manageable and the viz at about 8-10 metres was more than acceptable. It’s been a few years since I dived the Piggott and it took me a while to get my bearings, she’s another Hopper barge and although there is not much left mid ships the more I dive the hopper barges the more I enjoy them. To me learning about the working life of the ship, the design and the construction adds to the enjoyment of the dive. Our dive on the J4 was a skills dive and by the time we completed our tasks there was little time was left to explore the sub and with the surge it was possibly not the best day to be entering a wreck anyway.