Popes Eye & The Grotto - Saturday 9th March 2024

Popes Eye & The Grotto – Saturday 9th March 2024

Divers: Matt, Mitch, Diego, Aiden, Andrew, Angus, Jarrod, Jackson, Nolan, Maciek, Shannon, Mark N, Liam, James, Fiona & Mark

Fortunately for us the temperature didn’t get to the predicted 38 degrees, in fact it was quite pleasant out on the water. Our first dive was at Popes eye on the flood tide, so we were restricted in where we could swim, but there were plenty of seals to swim with and the fish life was amazing. The Grotto is always an interesting dive with it many and varied bommies, swim throughs & overhangs the highlight of the dive might have been the Port Jackson sharks, but there is also a lot of fish here as well as we swim through the undulating terrain. At the end of the day, negotiating the traffic & the parking was worth every bit of effort, to get these two dives in.